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About Us

Welcome to Balance, a one of a kind boutique Fitness Studio located in Amwaj Islands, Bahrain. 

Current research in neuroplasticity and development indicates that through movement and physical training we become more resilient to stress, increase our physical endurance, revive our neural circuitry and allow ourselves to develop our physical strength.

Our idea was to establish a clean, hygienic and fun way to celebrate our physical and mental health.

Classes at Balance begin at around the age of 3, where the neuroplasticity is increased and the proper foundational wiring can be put in place.

Studies indicate that the need for movement and music are beneficial for all ages, hence our adult classes have no age limit.

We want to create a neighborhood space where people come together to train and acquaint themselves with their intrinsic balance. We aim to provide entertaining and fun ways to improve agility, dance techniques, social skills and self esteem.

Join us at Balance and experience the psychological and physical changes that dance and fitness can make.

Together we can grow ourselves into a "sound mind in a sound body".

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